Do you want to learn the latest from the world's best marketers?

How about expanding your knowledge beyond the usual marketing 'tactics' to involve things like how human language actually works? Or how putting your CEO on stage can push your business forward?

What the heck has mind-reading got to do with marketing?

All this and much more is presented to you with these session recordings from MarketEd.Live 2019, which took place in Nottingham in September 2019.

These sessions are brought to you thanks to our friends at THINKIFIC

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Speaker Sessions

    • BizPaul - Why you need to go deeper with your marketing

    • Teresa Heath-Wareing - Creating Your Business Funnel Roadmap How to develop a clear business funnel that will take your audience from prospect

    • Fili Wiese - Optimizing for Search Bots

    • Gavin Bell - Advertising: Why most of us suck at it... and how to change that

    • Elizabeth Stokoe - What does it mean to be conversational?

    • Rob & Kennedy - Turning Feedback Into (More) Sales

    • Jordie Wildin - Unpacking advertising's difficult relationship with diversity and how we move forward

    • Panel - How do we create content that audiences can trust?

    • Phylecia Jones - Speak to Market: Getting on Stage to Grow Your Business, Authority and Trust

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